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I'm making an animation.

2014-11-10 11:01:55 by Toxicoid

That's right I'm finally going to stop procrastinating and draw frame by frame of silly goodness. Right after i eat this cookie- and well do some laundry because that shiz nit is important. Eh hmm yeah so I'm setting a goal to be done with this by the end of November. Ok back to staring at flash. 



Because of a certain event dealing with an important family issue I stopped working on my animation. But hope to pick back up after things settle down again. My attention will be focused on what's going on at the moment.

School work

2013-09-30 03:36:10 by Toxicoid

Well wish I could show a screen shot of the actual assignment it was, well very cheesy, and a little too simple. So of course I have to go above and beyond the night before it's due, wreck my sleep schedule, eat old stake pizza, while inhaling coke products like they were having a buy one get one free sale.

But it is done and if you'd like to see, have a look as I don't seem to know how to upload something that isn't cartoon worthy etc.Devilmaycare Project

Is this how it's going to be.

2011-11-23 16:01:31 by Toxicoid

I know flash...I'm new, weak against the cause.
But hear me out I'm trying to better myself to where I'm just not limiting you like other programs such as Photoshop for the filter effects, Illustrator for the auto-trace to tune your everyday google image into a vector, Indesign for your calendar abilities, Sai Painter....well no I pretty much use the shit out of you.
But do you understand Flash I know your so much more then thought out to be from the mind of a beginner, I don't just look at you and see frame by frame animation, I don't look at you and see the wonders of symbol clip art animation, or just another web design program with insane coding.
I look at you and I see the driving force of ALL things possible. And when others criticized, and belittled...I was along side them...but that was before I understood your capabilities and for that I'm sorry.

So this is my plea, If you cold stop making me want to chuck my tablet across the room I'd be very grateful.

Problems I'm encountering

1.Lines are left with globs after making a pretty nice stroke.
2.Lines are being erased without the eraser tool, just by clicking on the screen.
3. Invisible markers, where I drag the marker to the center but after the motion tween is set, the half circle jumps down then rotates in a awkward motion.

I'm working with a Intuos 3 tablet and Adobe Flash Cs3 Pro.

If you have any suggestions I appreciate the feedback.

Is this how it's going to be.

The start

2011-11-22 13:06:31 by Toxicoid


I have a sense of humor, this site seems to have a sense of humor as well, yeah you can be my NEW BEST FRIEND FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER.

Alright so I'm new to flash and like everyone who has grasped the basics, we have shared the same reaction "Dis is going to be AWEsome.....let's make animations and upload them as well!"
And thus joining NewGrounds...for some reason I always want to say newsgrounds... anyway

I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil, all self-taught. (That doesn't make me awesome that makes me poor) I've been on Deviantart for 8years now (Holyshit) And alas am tired of the bigotry that makes up that site.

But like the white-trash we all can be sometimes i still haven't left, just keep going back. "Oh babycakes I knew you hadn't done slept with that wo-man to hurt me, I done drove you to the arms of that most elegant prostitute on 11th street who sucked ya like the Hover Dam would if it had a pair of lips"................................a nd that's how I got herpes. jk

What an introduction right, I know, I know.
And most likely I'm going to neglect this with the same attention i give everything else I sign-up on yes that means put my chips in all at once then over time just stop updating, stop uploading, stop signing in etc

But I'll try, I really will, I'll will give it 100% if not more if I can help it.
So thank you for taking the time to read this w/e this is.
And be on the look-out of me uploading shit. :)